Steven was an essential partner in making my home purchase a reality. At the outset of the process, it is impossible for most buyers to predict the quirks and issues that can arise in a given property. Steven saw every one of them coming and advocated for me at every step of the way. I was blown away by his nuanced understanding of the intent, history and application of our legal framework to my situation. It would be a pleasure to work with him again.

Alex T.

I've had the pleasure of working with Steven in purchasing my first home and his commitment and work ethic is unparalleled. He brings many years of experience and comes with great knowledge of the market.

Throughout the whole process Steven walked me through many issues that could potentially come up and when the case got complicated he fought for me and was relentless. Steven couldn't have represented me better.

He is incredibly client focused, patient, hard working, and honest. I'm very grateful for his help, and I look forward to working with him again for future transactions.

Reed G.

Steven is an exceptional real estate attorney. Supporting us on the purchase of our first home, he has been thorough, patient, tenacious and thoughtful to our specific situation as returning expatriates. His expertise and professionalism stood out from the start of our negotiation with the sellers through until after closing, clearly and attentively explaining the key nuances of each step in the process. He was very accommodating to my personal work schedule and readily available to answer the wide range of questions we had along the way. Steven will certainly be who we will turn for our next real estate transaction.

Fernando G.

Steven is the consummate professional. He pays attention to every detail from beginning to end and made my first time home buying experience a very positive one. I was able to use his contacts with other professionals to ensure all the moving parts of my purchase went smoothly. And beyond his subject matter expertise, I felt very well cared for--he listened to all my concerns and explained things thoroughly. I would not hesitate using Steven again and highly recommend him.

Melissa V.

We worked with Steven in purchasing our first home, and he did a great job in very difficult circumstances. He is very thorough, explains legal concepts well, is fun to work with, and works hard to ensure a good outcome for his clients. Steven also has solid contacts and recommended other professionals (lenders, insurance agents) that also worked out well for us. In short, Steven is great; I plan on using him again and highly recommend.

Evan S.

Steven is an excellent real estate attorney!! As a first time home buyer, I had little knowledge of the complicated process of purchasing a co-op, especially in NYC. Honestly, I don't know what I would have done without him. He was patient, thoughtful, and responded in a timely and professional manner to all of my questions and concerns...believe me, I had a lot of questions. Steven was also really helpful when the bank gave me the run-around and was able to expedite the mortgage approval in order to close on time. I highly recommend Steven as a real estate attorney and plan to use his services again in the future.

Kristi A.

We worked with Steven on a recent sale of a co-op in Westchester, and found him to be extremely responsive to our many tiny questions and concerns -- the kind of thing you wince to ask an attorney and hope he wont' be annoyed by or charge you for. Steven took us and our questions on without complaint or additional charge. He was our ANCHOR during a closing with a very difficult buyer, and modeled supreme patience and professionalism when we were beginning to be exasperated. We would hire him again (and again) for similar transactions in the future, and recommend him without caveat.

Laura D.

I highly recommend Steven as an attorney for any homebuyer. As first time homebuyers, my husband and I were unfamiliar with the entire process, and Steven immediately earned our trust. Our satisfaction with Steven increased through our experience, and it was obvious that he is an expert in his field. He prevented us from entering into an agreement that would've been unfavorable on our end. My husband called and e-mailed Steven frequently and found Steven to be easy to reach and patient. Additionally, he fulfilled everything he had promised at the beginning-- there were no hidden fees, he was present for closing, and he worked hard to meet all of the deadlines and communicate with the seller's attorney, our bank, and our realtor. We felt that we were given an excellent value for what we had paid, and we hope to continue our professional relationship with Steven as our real estate interests grow.

Jennifer H.

Steven is an exceptional lawyer who works tirelessly for his clients. He takes an active role in the transactions he works on, from the big picture to the fine details. If your deal gets tricky, Steven is the man who can get things done. If your transaction is straightforward, he covers all the angles. Most importantly, Steven has the experience and contacts to bring an expert perspective to everything he works on. I recommend him to everyone I meet who's looking to buy or sell a property.

Hugh C.

My wife and I hired Steven after putting in a bid for our first home. From the start he demonstrated strong communication skills, vast knowledge of the law, and a calm determination to defend our interests. Steven provided a much-needed sense of security, as we were newcomers to the process. At closing, he patiently explained each document we were signing. Looking back, we were extremely satisfied with Steven’s work.

Peter S.

Steven is an excellent real estate attorney. He is extremely engaged and knowledgeable. He knows every nuance of the transaction and explains everything thoroughly to his clients. He is always available for even the most trivial questions and willing to talk through any issues or concerns. He is also very thorough -- I have worked with him on multiple occasions and he is extremely precise -- nothing falls through the cracks. Finally, he is easy to work with and the realtors and other lawyers always get along with him and respect him, which eases the drama that often accompanies apartment sales. I would highly recommend working with Steven.

Robin B.

My family and I have worked with Steven on two different occasions both for real estate transactions. I would highly recommend Steven as a lawyer as he was above all, very patient with us explaining any doubts we had as well as all the relevant details. He is exceptionally efficient and meticulous in his work and most importantly trustworthy.

Angela W.

Steven was referred to me by my real estate broker, who, having worked closely with him on several deals, was steadfast in her assertion that he is one of the best attorneys in the cottage industry that is NYC co-op and condo law. Steven from the start was accessible, efficient and trustworthy. In an extremely competitive market where a prospective buyer needs an edge, Steven delivered, turning around my contract in a matter of days and simplifying what can be for a first-time co-op owner a daunting process. Moreover, at closing, he was able to obtain concessions from the seller. Given my experience, it's clear to me why he holds the respect of his peers. I highly recommend his work, and his character.

Andrew B.

Steven is a very good real estate attorney. I have done several deals with him and they have all had positive results. He is great guy to boot and is a pleasure to work with.

Edward L.

I hired Steven to handle the sale and closing of my condo. He is a first-rate attorney; effective, honest, efficient and skilled. Anyone interested in buying / selling a condo should consider him. I highly recommend him.

Paul M.

I worked recently with Steven on a real estate transaction. He provided an excellent service, very efficient and also friendly. I would highly recommend Steven and not hesitate in using him again.

Terry W.

Steven is such a pleasure to work with. I hired him to purchase an apartment and later to sell one. He is extremely organized and thorough. All parties at each table were very impressed and my broker and managing agent both asked for his business card. I highly recommend Steven and plan to work with him again.

Gay. S.

Steven helped me with the sale of my apartment. I am very pleased with the services that Steven provided. I would highly recommend Steven. Next time I need a real estate lawyer, Steven will be my first choice!

Claes E.

Throughout a very lengthy and cumbersome two-year process of refinancing, Steven Ebert has been our invaluable support. Always available to us, his professional knowledge and guidance kept us focused and eventually led to a most satisfying solution. We are extremely grateful for his service and highly recommend him.

Tanja M.

I was lucky enough to be recommended to Steven in 2006 for the purchase of my first coop apartment. I was new to purchasing real estate in NYC and Steven helped guide me through the complex process. I recently re-hired Steven for a second time to help close the sale of my current apartment and secure my new apartment. This process was far more complicated the second time around, we entered into multiple contract discussions and various curve balls from the sellers extended the usual negotiation period and created a legal roller coaster. Steven was an amazing ally. Not only did he explain the options to me along the way in a clear "non jargon" fashion, he also devised creative strategies to secure the apartment I was longing after and was a tough negotiator in the final stages of both the close and purchase to make sure I was taken care of i.e. wouldn't be left homeless due to a delay in the purchase. At a highly stressful time, he was cool and radiated confidence while at the same time being highly personal. I cannot recommend Steven highly enough.

Sarah F.

My wife and I have used the legal services of Steven Ebert three times, once for the sale of our condo in Manhattan and then for the purchase and sale of our house in Westchester County, New York. We have confidence in his legal expertise and professionalism and highly recommend him for real estate transactions.

Martin B.

Steven recently served as my attorney in connection with a condo purchase in Manhattan. I was impressed by the items that Seven raised with the seller's contract and his ability to successfully negotiate for those items in an environment where the seller has a largely take it or leave it attitude. Also, as a buyer that is living outside the US, I was very pleased with Steven's ability to make the process simple and seamless.

Sanjay K.

Steven is an excellent real estate attorney. He explained the process efficiently and clearly, and offered support along the way. He knows how to negotiate for meaningful contract changes so we were able to close on our schedule and on our terms. I highly recommend him.

Sarah S.

Steven helped advise me on my purchase and sale of houses in Westchester. He made the process comfortable and efficient. Steven was always there to answer questions and give me his personal attention.

Jamie D.

Steven was recommended to us by our realtor in April 2013. My husband and I were in the process of purchasing our first home and could not have been more pleased to have had the opportunity to work with Steven.

He was incredibly patient, detailed and empathetic to our situation as first time home buyers. I would highly recommend Steven to anyone needing a real estate attorney. He works tirelessly for his clients to ensure they are protected and that their transaction is sound.

Cori M.

As a first-time buyer I could not have been more fortunate to have Steven Ebert as my lawyer. His guidance and advice through the entire process were invaluable. After I had read the purchase contract he spent time with me over the phone while away on vacation, ensuring I understood each aspect of the contract. Because my purchase took place during hurricane Sandy, there were several delays and the timing between locking a rate and closing became an issue. It was Steven that was able to advise me about which delays were necessary and reasonable and he was also instrumental in initiating momentum toward closing and coordinating the closing when the delays threatened to extend beyond the deadline; ultimately he helped me avoid a costly extension. The closing was executed with ease in no small part due to Steven’s experience and organization. During the closing Steven quickly explained the purpose and importance of each form with precision and clarity; his explanations were reassuring. The Bank giving me the mortgage failed to communicate some last-minute requests and Steven was quickly able to ensure that it did not delay or affect the closing. What could have been a costly complication was immediately resolved by Steven’s extensive knowledge and experience. Without his expertise and assistance, purchasing my current home would have been a much more difficult process and ultimately an unpleasant experience. I am grateful for Steven’s help and support and I could not make a stronger recommendation if you are preparing to purchase a home.

John C.

I have referred Steven to my buyers and sellers over the past several years. He is a fantastic real estate attorney who works tirelessly for his clients. He is pateint and explains the process completely to his clients. I have even called him in on transactions when other attorneys failed to close the transaction. Steven gets the job done...beautifully!

DeAnna R.

Mr. Ebert is a phenomenal real estate attorney. My husband and I spent about a year working with Mr. Ebert on the purchase of our brownstone, which was complicated by an erratic seller who had hired an incompetent lazy attorney. Despite these difficulties, Mr. Ebert never failed to be there for us. He was instrumental in moving the transaction forward and always kept a close eye on our interests. The final contract was clearly negotiated in our favor, an advantage which ended up saving us tens of thousands of dollars as well as help smooth over a lot of closing details. Mr. Ebert’s patience and expertise is invaluable. He is a rare find and we would strongly recommend using him if you are ever in need of an attorney.

Margaret Jones

I repeatedly recommend Steven to both my buyers and sellers alike. He is very knowledgable and patient and thorough with his due diligence. He is quoted regularly in the New York Times and well respected by his peers . He is definitely a good choice for all your Real Estate needs.

Erika R.

Steven Ebert is an extremely knowledgeable lawyer who is always ready to answer any of your questions in regard to "Law". He is the ultimate professional! We have closed on several transactions together over the years and my clients have been pleased with his performance. They all felt he walked the extra mile in their behalf.

June F.

I have worked with Steven in many capacities and I have recommended him to my clients. In addition, he is an excellent public speaker and has performed very well for clients and prospective clients. He is extremely knowledgeable, well-spoken, and carries a high level of integrity. I would highly recommend Steven to anyone looking to work with a professional who is accountable, fair, and provides solid legal advice.

Steven G.

Steven assisted in my real estate closing in 2005, he walked us thorugh the process in a very informative and helpful manner, explaining all the details. I would highly recomend him to anyone for closing on real estate and plan on using him again.

Jennifer M.

Steven Ebert has the brilliant ability to dissect complex scenarios and generate a simplified and successful result. His breadth of knowledge in the real estate law discipline is incredibly impressive. The added benefit to Steven Ebert’s firm is that he has surrounded himself with exceptional staff. I have recommended Steven’s services to numerous people and they have spoken of his work ethic with great reverence.

Douglas G.

Steven is an outstanding real estate attorney who immediately establishes a rapport with both his clients, their brokers and other professionals related to the transaction. He maintains unusually close contact with all parties, acts in an exceptionally timely manner and has an uncanny eye for detail. Steven is extremely knowledgeable and inventive in structuring deals ranging from simple closings to complicated tax incentive investment situations. He has also worked extensively with foreign buyers. I have referred him to my clients on numerous occassions and have received only the most positive feedback.

Sandy B.

Steven is a great asset to have on your side whether it is for a negotiation or a closing, I for one would not step into a deal without Stevens’s advice. The first time I met him I was highly impressed with his eye for detail and planning for contingencies. At all time I felt like he was looking out for my welfare in the deal more than anyone ells. His insights and forward thinking helped get us out of several jams we could have ended up in. During high stress times I say him guide everyone to an amicable solution without the blink of an eye. I have since made him my confidant on all deals or transactions I make. Definitely a resource for any deal and two thumbs up from me

Imran B.

Mr. Ebert is without a doubt one of the best attorneys in the business. His professionalism, dedication and humanity shine through his work. I'm extremely pleased with having him as my realestate attorney, and have benefited tremendously from his experience, thoroughness, and negotiation skills. His assistance is a great asset to any deal, and I highly recommend him. AAA and 2 THUMBS UP!

Xian Z.